Therapy & Counseling in West Haven, CT

Online & In-Person Therapy

Are you looking for professional counseling services in West Haven, CT? If so, Bergvik Counseling Services is here to help. We offer counseling for a wide range of issues, and our lead counselor and company founder Tom Bergvik is a nationally certified counselor with a sterling reputation. He has over 30 years of experience working in the mental health field and uses science-based therapies to help our patients. Notably, Tom is a member of both the Connecticut Counseling Association and the American Counseling Association.

Marriage Counseling

Tom has helped countless couples become better partners, creating a healthier relationship in the process. Marriage or couple counseling will help you learn how to communicate better within the relationship, resolve disputes in a healthy way and provide you with the tools needed to have a successful marriage or relationship. Marriage is hard, but with commitment, hard work, and the help of a therapist, you can make yours a lasting one.

Depression Counseling

Depression is a relentless disease that ails millions of Americans each day. You don’t have to suffer alone, though; instead, consider working with a counselor who will help you find ways to have your emotional needs met and use different therapies to help alleviate your symptoms.

Anxiety Counseling

Anxiety manifests itself in different ways, and if it appears through panic attacks or obsessive worrying, it’s essential you get the help you need to manage your anxiety. Utilizing different science-based therapy practices, Tom will provide you with the solutions you need to cope with your anxieties.

Grief Counseling

Few things adversely impact one’s life more than losing a loved one. Grief affects people in different ways and working with a therapist can help alleviate some of your emotional pain and provide you with the tools needed to deal with the different waves of grief.

Substance Abuse Counseling

Addiction is a lonely place, and recovery can feel so far away. However, working with an addiction counselor will provide you with coping strategies, a treatment plan, and the support you need to prevent relapse.

Regardless of your needs, we’ll provide you with the counseling services you deserve. Currently offering online counseling services and in-person treatment. For more information or to make an appointment, contact us.

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My experience with Tom has been nothing but beneficial. I originally sought help from him for some personal issues and he was professional, attentive, and helped me work through them. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a good counselor to help with whatever you may be going through. -marc
Marc Canzanella
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Im so grateful to have had the experience to meet with Thomas Bergvik, he is truly a Compassionate person. He cares so much for his patients. Hes really is a wonderful person. If your looking for a genuine caring counseler, to find answers or solutions to your lifes issues, Thomas Bergvik will be there to listen and share compassionate helpful information on your lifes issues as he has for me. He helped me find an answer to my lifes issues in a single session. I would give higher than 5 stars if I could.
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I have been receiving services from Tom for almost exactly a year now and honestly he has been a blessing. I visit him once a week and I always come out of the sessions feeling better. I have seen vast improvements in my anxiety, depression, and other issues I was facing, and in reflection feel like a totally new person. I'm thankful for the help he has given me and will be glad to continue receiving services from him!
Randy M.
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I’ve had a very traumatic experience that is personal to me so I won’t share any specifics. But all I can say is that if it weren’t for Tom I truly don’t know if I would be here to write this review. Tom to me has been completely non judge-mental, open minded, compassionate and genuinely caring. Not having many people to talk too about my issue I spiraled out of control mentally with overthinking and depression and anxiety. But having Tom in my life has really been a beacon of hope and faith that holds me accountable to bettering myself mentally every day. He has a tremendous way of making you feel genuinely comfortable to share the truth without fearing judgement. And from there he asks questions to pry out your baggage and assesses each issue intricately. He’s a great guy and an even better person to me. As a result of meeting Tom I’ve become much more at ease with my situation and I can attest that had it not been for Tom, I would not be the man I am today. From the bottom of my heart I mean this when I say he’s the best therapist I’ve been too and I reccomend him to anyone who is struggling with anything in life. Thankyou sincerely Tom, Rob.
Robert Mele
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I was close to filing for divorce before we met with Tom. My first phone call with Tom he asked why was I looking for a counselor. I told him what was going on and that I had already scheduled with a therapist but thanks for returning my call. He said I hope everything works out and I wish you the best. I returned home from the store and called him back and asked if we could meet with him. Out of all the therapist I called he was the first that was concerned about the outcome of my troubles without even meeting with me and from a five minute phone conversation. On our first visit Tom let us know that he saw something in us and that he didn't believe we were headed for divorce. About six months later I no longer think of divorce. Things aren't always rosy with me and my husband but it's far better than it has been in quite sometime and we certainly have Tom to thank for that. And yes, we are still seeing Tom but the session are not as frequent and not as intense.
Kenyatta C